Sadly we are on our Last day!

This morning we have been resting and reflecting on our trip. Kathy and Trisha have been uploading pictures. It is surreal we have hundreds of pictures and they all tell a story! Kim pointed out a red headed woodpecker this morning. It raps on the widow at the literacy centre every morning. The neighbour has a banana tree next door. the neighbour across the street turned on the stereo for Jack and Trisha at 5 am this morning, and this is the day we had to sleep in.Right now Beno is cooking us a pepper pot, which is a special Guyanese dish. Lincoln and David are watching Caribbean videos and sharing musician stories and tips. Sam is resting Jack is playing blues from his iPod. WE are reading and surfing the net. we are sharing pictures and music and studying the map to see where we’ve been. Cloudland isn’t even on the map. Tonight when it cools down we will walk to the all night market.


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