How hot is it in Guyana??

Yesterday’s temperature in the afternoon was 37 celcius, but factoring in the humidity it was 53 degrees! Thank heavens for the air conditioned office where we were sorting the barrel items for distribution.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


5 thoughts on “How hot is it in Guyana??

  1. Todd Aitchison

    Hope you’re all having a safe fun adventure and enjoying all the good work you’re all doing! We thought we might run into you at Pearson on our way home from RI Convention Saturday. Jen and Tanner and I had a great trip!

    1. amazonqueen1 Post author

      Thanks Todd. We are having a great time. Alison did a fantastic job on her presentation with great positive response and follow up opportunities. Today we visited the 3 schools, shot some video and pics which we will post re the water project. Today is the official opening of the literacy centre. Tomorrow we are off to Georgetown to the Rotary club meeting and to visit an Amerindian hostel to share barrel items with those in need. There is a soccer match this week in the interior region. We will send soccer balls and a pump with the leader of the community for this tournament. Shout out thanks to Brad Swanson!

    1. Anonymous

      Hey Kathy
      Love to u & Sam. Just left the hospital after visiting Clava. She is in a lot of pain but getting great care. Her throat is so raw so they r keeping her hydrated by IV fluids & on pain meds. Give Kim a hug from Gerry & I😘


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